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Spirit Flow Classes

Our class schedule is temporarily reduced as we focus on our events and workshops over the winter months

Our full schedule will return in Spring


Class Description

Our minds and bodies are not the same on any given day, so choose the flow that resonates with your soul.

Flow-Foundation Vinyasa Flow  Slow Flow and Meditation Yin Spirit
Class Schedule


This is a 60 minute non heated class.

This Foundation class you can be joined at any stage, we will look at the foundational aspects of vinyasa yoga.

The Foundations classes are designed for students who are new to yoga or to Vinyasa practice or those who wish for a slower pace.

Each class will be balanced, strengthening and will provide a glimpse into the deeper transformational aspects that a consistent practice over time can offer.

It will have a more workshop feel with time for breaking down the asanas (poses), how to transition from one to another, alignment set up and how to practice safely with progression in your practice, not perfection as the goal.

Whilst a slower and more focused class, it is designed to build your foundations so that you can safely progress into other classes with confidence.

Class Schedule

Vinyasa Flow

This is a 60 minutes class in a heated studio.

Flow Energy are Open classes for yogis of all levels, from beginner to intermediate.

The room is heated to approx 28-29 degrees (depending on temp of the day and humidity balance)

A Flow Energy class will use the Sun Salutations as a base, and incorporate standing poses, balancing poses, forward bends, backward bends, twists, arm balances, hip openers, and inversions, concluding with a relaxation or meditative practice.

Your energy will flow with the asanas (postures) and breath being linked together to invite a deeper insight into being present.

Classes will vary depending on the teacher and the theme and you will experience the benefits of Vinyasa Flow yoga.

We recommend taking some Foundations classes first to learn the basic foundations that will allow you to integrate into the flow safely and confidently.

Class Schedule

Flow Intense

This is a 60 minute (or 90 minute) class, heated to approx. 30-31 degrees.

This class is for intermediate Yogis, Level 1 and 2 and not beginners until strength and technique is established.

This is an hour of power class designed for Yogis with an established practice and those wishing for a vigorous class to challenge the body and mind.

The added element of the heat adds to the intensity of the practice and allows for muscle support and assists in the detoxification process. 

The class will incorporate Vinyasa Flow sequences to build heat and energy within the body, to increase strength, stamina and mental vigor and deeper exploration into yourself.

Class Schedule

Slow Flow and Meditation

This is a 60 minute class in a non heated studio.

Flow Intuitive is designed to create a deeper level of awareness and insight into being present on and off the mat.

The class will be a 60 minute intuitive flow sequence that moves at a slower pace and allows you the time and space to explore more depth and a deeper understanding into yourself.

The Intuitive Flow experience infuses meditation and  pranayama techniques to balance body, mind and spirit, leaving you uplifted and calm.

Class Schedule

Yin Spirit

Yin Spirit classes involve long, luxurious asana holds in restorative forward bends, hip openers, and inversions and is beneficial for all levels of Yogis.

Focus is on your breath and to experience deep muscle release as you work through areas of the body that hold tension, stress and emotional issues.

The reference of Yin is a cooler, less mobile, more hidden or in the center, feminine and closer to the earth.

A yin practice allows for many muscles to soften while exposing the joints to gentle pressure and the longer the body is still, the more Qi (energy) moves through the deeper yin tissues.

Yin tissues, naturally less elastic than yang tissues, need to be pulled and compressed gently in order to maintain the integrity of their natural range of motion as well as to nourish the energy of the body.

Achieving a quietening of the mind and moving toward meditation and deep relaxation is the ultimate benefit from Yin practice.

The room will be mildly warm for comfort and ease of asanas for restorative benefit.

Class Schedule

Peaceful Warriors 

This is a 45 minutes class in a non heated room

This class will offer your child and opportunity to learn the fundamentals of yoga practice in a tranquil, positive and safe environment.

The benefits of yoga and mindfulness in young people are endless:

Greater self awareness

Improved focus and attention span

Self love and respect

Greater resilience

Establishing healthy boundaries


Ages 8 up until 13 years.